Love Tea - Loose Leaf

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The beauties over at Love Tea skillfully craft, blend and pack their ethically sourced, organic ingredients into teas with optimum therapeutic benefits and exceptional flavour. 

These loose leaf teas have been lovingly selected from the Love Tea range for their healing properties.

  • Sleep tea - a gentle, comforting blend of earthy botanicals, offering a smooth, slightly sweet and refined mint finish. Caffeine free. 
  • Peppermint Tea - a refreshing, delicate and cooling flavour, served hot or cold to calm upset stomachs and relieve nausea 
  • Moroccan Mint - spearmint and peppermint are blended with the bold flavours of gunpowder green tea, also nice on ice with a slice of lemon
  • Green Tea - this tea is full of antioxidants and boasts smooth, bold and balanced flavours 

Limonata loves pairing a loose leaf tea with an infuser for cute little "thinking of you" gift.