Azure Soak by Limonata

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A signature range of bath salts designed to soothe tired bodies and calm busy minds. This beautiful blend of salts and botanicals has been developed to relax and restore and is made by hand with healing intentions.  

The luxe salt blend combines epsom salts for aching muscles, Himalayan pink salt for mineral-rich rejuvenation and Dead Sea mineral salt for soft skin.

Botanicals bring beauty to your bath, floating freely and adding a light floral fragrance. The azure blend is a light blend with shades of white, lavender and blue radiating serenity and calmness. 

  • 100% natural bath salts 
  • Cornflowers for wealth and good fortune
  • Lavender for peace and grace 
  • Calendula for anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Jasmine flowers for clarity and appreciation 
  • 400g

Limonata loves this for water babies who love a long bath.