Our Story

Life given you lemons lately?

You might still be wondering how or why you’ve ended up searching for clothing that allows you to access parts of your body you might not ordinarily have needed access to.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad you’re here – because people like you are the reason I founded Limonata.

People like you, are just like me.


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I know first-hand how quickly life can change. One minute, I was living the life I’d always wanted (or so I thought). The next, I had a doctor at the end of my bed telling me I had bowel cancer. I was only 32. What I didn’t know then, was that becoming a patient didn’t mean I had to forgo comfort, confidence, my sense of style and my sense of self.

I know that now, and I founded Limonata to ensure that people and patients everywhere can look and feel like themselves while they’re busy making lemonade.

When I was diagnosed, I had a wardrobe full of suits and summer dresses – not exactly the combo recommended for chemo. I am the first to admit I don’t mind a bit of retail therapy, so in an effort to distract myself from my world turning upside down, I set about finding a few things I could wear for the next however-many-months...

I came up pretty short (and not just because I’m only 5”3). I had limited mobility, some tender scars and needed easy access for IV lines and pumps. I didn’t think it was that big an ask, but I found very few things that I could wear, or that I’d be happy to be seen in outside of my house.

That’s the thing about being a patient – you’re still a person. You will inevitably leave your hospital bed or house at some stage, and I know you’ll feel so much better doing so if you look and feel like you.

So I set about designing some clothes that I’d be comfortable and confident in wearing from bed to breakfast, coffee to chemo and beyond. Styles that meant I didn’t have to spend the morning with my slow chemo brain wondering what I could possibly put on that I wouldn’t have to take off again so my nurse could access my port or my surgeon could check my scars.

Clothes that changed so I didn’t have to.

limonata lemon

Limonata or Lemonade?!

When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade. Lots of it.

Thankfully, I've always been an optimist and my glass is always half-full.

When I married into an Italian family, lemonade naturally became limonata
(and often limoncello, if we’re being honest!).

Here at Limonata, we fill our glasses to overflowing and live.

I hope you'll join us in raising a glass!