What do you do when life gives you lemons?

I originally founded Limonata to bring comfort and confidence to women living with cancer. I know first-hand how quickly life can change when you receive a cancer diagnosis, and how quickly your sense of self changes too. What I didn't know then, was that I didn't have to give up being comfortable, being confident and feeling like myself during my treatment. 

Sometime in 2020...

We will be launching our first collection of practical fashion for patients. These garments have been designed with style and accessibility in mind - a new take on adaptive fashion to keep patients feeling comfortable and confident in hospital, at home and out and about (because they won't be in bed forever). 

However...that other C-word (Covid-19) has meant we've had to change our plans. That's okay - cancer is great at teaching you to focus on what you can control. We're working with our suppliers and hope we'll be able to launch in time for spring/summer!  

Until then... 

We'd started stocking up on lots of beautiful little things for our Limonata ladies, so instead of waiting, we thought why not spread the Limonata love a little early?!

For you, for someone you love - just a little something to bring a smile and some self-care in these challenging times. 

Making Limonata

When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade. Lots of it.

When I married into an Italian family, lemonade naturally became limonata (or more often than not limoncello, if we're being honest!). 

Here at Limonata, we fill our glasses to overflowing and live.