Do you remember being sick when you were little? Staying in, lots of hugs, your favourite toy tucked under your arm and lemonade in the special tall glass? 

I’ve loved lemonade for as long as I can remember. 

I grew up with a lemon tree in the backyard, taught myself to make lemon curd and thoroughly enjoyed all the sweet things in life. 

I married into an Italian family, where my father-in-law handmade limoncello for our wedding guests.

Naturally, lemonade become limonata. 

At 32 I was diagnosed with cancer. It all happened so quickly and at times still doesn’t feel like it actually happened to me. 

Life changes in an instant, but I believe it’s what you do next that defines you.

I make lemonade. Lots of it.

Here at Limonata, we fill our glasses to overflowing and live.