adaptive clothing for when life gives you lemons

Our range of functional fashion helps you feel comfortable and confident - at home, in hospital and everywhere in between.

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clothes that change so you don't have to

Our range of adaptive tops, pants, dresses and robes are designed to help you look and feel your best - taking you from bed to breakfast, coffee to chemo or work to ward.

Each garment has been lovingly designed with access and modesty in mind, to avoid those awkward wardrobe moments and the frustration that comes with having nothing to wear!

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why you'll love your limonata clothing

Our line of accessible clothing was inspired by our founder’s own experience with cancer.

This means we’ve carefully considered every aspect of every piece:

Flattering Fits

From bloating to bandages, we know how quickly bodies can change. We’ve kept our range loose-fitting and flexible to suit your changing needs.

Functional Fashion

Our garments are designed with accessibility at their core. They open along the sleeves and down the sides for easy access to all areas (yep, all areas). The backs are plain and simple for modesty’s sake (nothing cheeky here).

Friendly Fastenings

Zips, magnets, Velcro… you name it, we’ve tried it but nothing really felt quite right.

Our unique snap-fasteners are strong and secure yet light and concealed – you’ll forget they’re there, and no one else will notice them.

They’re also metal-free, which means no changing needed for MRIs, CTs and other scans.

Gentle Fabrics

We know sensitive skin and changing body temps can be a challenge, so we’ve carefully selected soft fabrics that breathe to help you stay comfortable in any setting.

Convenient Labels and Loops

Our clothes feature extra label loops, making them easier to put on (you can pull up, around or go over your head as needed).

They also come in handy for keeping those pesky yet necessary pumps or IV lines neatly in place.

Limonata on Studio 10

Hear from the Studio 10 team as they discuss adaptive clothing and the story behind Limonata.

a new kind of retail therapy

We're prescribing science and style. They say looking good can help you feel better… and it’s true!

Scientifically, it’s called enclothed cognition but put simply, wearing colours you love and patterns that brighten your mood can provide a boost and help you feel more like yourself.

Our vibrant, beautiful prints have been designed exclusively for limonata ladies and are full of symbolism, helping you make limonata out of any lemons life throws your way.

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life given you lemons lately?

You might now be part of a club you never wanted to join.

You might be looking for ways to best support a loved one.

You might like to learn how and why we make limonata - because people like you, are just like us.

Our Story

Limonata is a social enterprise that supports improvements in patient experience through our sister program, oncana.

With every purchase you're helping to bridge the gap between treatment and care for people living with cancer.