woman in bright dress and colourful adaptive dressing gown drinking a cup of tea
woman in navy and pink adaptive dressing gown wearing a matching pink scarf
woman twirling in navy adaptive dressing gown
woman laughing in bright blue colourful adaptive dressing gown
back view of aqua blue adaptive dressing gown
woman in aqua adaptive dressing gown smiling
close up of limonata adaptive dress and gown sleeve opening
woman wearing aqua adaptive dressing gown looking out the window
limonata bella aqua adaptive dressing gown hanging on a coathanger
limonata navy and pink fiorella print adaptive dressing gown hanging on a coathanger

Adaptive Dressing Gown

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Limonata's adaptive dressing gown is your answer to looking fabulous while keeping warm and comfortable. What's more - we've made it adaptive so you can open your  sleeves right up to the top of your shoulders without having to get undressed. It's the perfect cover-all for a stay in hospital or lounging at home. 


  • Available in solid navy with pink fiorella highlights, and in our beautiful blue Aqua Bella print 
  • Pockets on both sides 
  • Belt included
  • Classic kimono robe style 
  • A little extra swish in the skirt   
  • Wide, 3/4 length sleeves that open at the shoulder and down the arms 
  • Front opening, plain back for comfort and modesty  
  • No metal fastenings, zips or velcro  

Fabric: rayon - soft, absorbs moisture and drapes well
generous fits available in two sizes - S/M (suits 8 - 14) and L/XL (suits 14 - 22)
Functionality: snap fasteners along each shoulder - access shoulders/arms, front or back. 


  • Belt it up to show off your waist
  • Mix and match with a Dolce dress for the ultimate Limonata look 
  • The perfect cover-up to welcome visitors at home and in hospital

Designed in Australia.
Limonata's range of adaptive clothing is made ethically by an Australian-owned business in Indonesia.