woman laughing in navy adaptive wrap top and colourful adaptive print pants
bow detail on limonata navy geometrica print wrap top
woman smiling at the camera and wearing pink floral adaptive top with navy adaptive wrap top worn as a jacket
woman wearing matching navy geometrica floral print adaptive wrap top and pants
back view of adaptive wrap top and pants in limonata navy geometrica print
woman wearing pink fiorella adaptive top with navy wrap top as jacket and tied around her waist
woman smiling wearing all navy limonata adaptive wrap top and linen pants
detail shot of woman wearing all navy limonata adaptive wrap top and linen pants
limonata navy grazia adaptive wrap top untied hanging on a coathanger
limonata navy grazia adaptive wrap top hanging on a coathanger

Grazia Adaptive Wrap Top

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The Grazia adaptive wrap top is Limonata's wrap-and-wear style. Pop it on as a top or wear it open as a jacket or cover-up. The wrap style affords easy access to your front and sides, while the wide neckband holds the top in place while you snap open the sleeves. The Grazia is your go-to top for fashionable, flexible dressing. 


  • Available in plain navy and navy geometrica print 
  • Flattering V neckline with wide neckband 
  • Little pockets on the front  
  • Sleeves to just below your elbow 
  • Front opening, plain back for modesty and comfort 
  • Thick ties to help those with fine motor challenges 
  • No metal fastenings, zips or velcro  

Fabric: rayon - soft, breathable, absorbs moisture and drapes well 
generous double-size fits, designed with plenty of room 
Functionality: snap fasteners along each shoulder/top of sleeve  


  • Wear as a top and pair with pants 
  • Style over a top or dress as a cover-up  
  • Layer it for extra warmth 
  • Mix and match prints and plains 

Designed in Australia.
Limonata's range of adaptive clothing is made ethically by an Australian-owned business in Indonesia.