Limonata Prints

A talented Australian textile designer, renowned for her beautiful prints on local and international labels, has designed our Fiorella and Geometrica prints exclusively for Limonata ladies.

Bringing her own experience of caring for her mother during her cancer treatment, she combined her talent for illustration and knowledge of colour to help bring to life our first collection of adaptive clothing.

Flower Power

Each flower that appears in the Fiorella prints has been lovingly selected with symbolism and style in mind.

  • amaryllis - strong, radiant beauty, from the ancient greek "to sparkle"
  • chrysthanemums - cheerfulness, optimism, love, joy and long life 
  • carnations - flowers of the gods, love and beauty 
  • gardenia - purity and gentleness, power of positive energy
  • lavender - peace, protection, sleep and devotion 
  • peonies - prosperity, good fortune, love and honour 
  • star of bethlehem - purity, honest, hope and forgiveness 

limonata flower symbolism image
Colour Confidence

We use colour to bring joy and promote healing.

  • pinks - love, femininity, nurturing
  • yellows - happiness, joy, hope, energy, optimism 
  • greens - nature, spring, regeneration, prosperity 
  • blues - peace, calm, trust, protection

limonata colour palette


In the ancient world, bees were symbolic of goddesses, representing fertility, rebirth and healing through the properties of honey. Much has been written about the importance of bees to nature and the structure and strength of their honeycomb. 

In the modern world, you’ll find little bees flying across our pink floral print as a reminder of strength and community, making their way to home to the sweet yet strong structures of honeycomb of our navy floral print.